Acceptable Use Policies for

You have been assigned an account on for class assignments in CS 181, CS 280, CS 481/581, CS 583, or for other web-related academic activity in computer science. You may request that Your account be continued beyond the end of the term for specific purposes. For reasons of machine security and utilization, you are to abide at all times by the Acceptable Use Policies that follow. Failure to comply with these policies will result in suspension of your account. In this case, inability to access the server will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to complete assigned classwork.

  1. You must select a password consisting of at least 7 characters, consisting of characters of upper and lower cases, numbers, and the characters {!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), _, +} and change the default password assigned at account creation as soon as you are receive it. DO NOT use such easily guessed ; strings as your name, your name spelled backwards, your spouse/child/mother/significant other's or anyone else's name, a word in the dictionary or other common word. DO USE a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. If you have trouble thinking of a password, use the initial letters of a phrase (My pigeons fly South every Winter! MpfSeW!) or two or three shorter words (Why_Sam?). Replace some letters with digits or punctuation marks or other letters (M@zter!t).
  2. DO NOT tell anyone your password under any circumstances. Not your classmate, not your spouse/child/mother/significant other, not me or anyone else.
  3. The system administrator does not need and does not want to know your password. If you receive any requests for your password from someone claiming to be the system administrator, you should report that request promptly to
  4. You may not let anyone else use your account at any time.
  5. You should not use your wyrd account for programming assignments in other classes (you will be given different accounts for those classes).
  6. Your wyrd account does not provide imap or pop services. Hood College has provided you with a student e-mail account, providing imap mail service.
  7. You may use your wyrd account for publishing both class and personal web documents and for programming associated with web classes.
  8. You may not place any materials owned by others, i.e. copyrighted works, on your Web page without the expressed permission of the copyright owner. (Examples: cartoons, articles, photographs, songs, software, graphics scanned in from published works or other web pages). Assume materials you find on the Web are copyrighted unless a disclaimer or waiver is expressly stated. You may include quotations of a few words provided you identify the author and the work from which the quotation is taken.
  9. You may not use your account for commercial purposes.
  10. You must not knowingly load or run any software that contains viruses, trojan horses, or other software which violates the security of the system. You must not knowingly install any software that prevents others from accessing and completing their assignments.
  11. You must monitor your individual account space for intrusion by others. You are responsible for being aware of the creation of hidden directories that may be installed in your directory space. If you suspect that software has been inappropriately loaded in your account, or that someone else has been accessing your account immediately contact (You can use the command ls-asCFR | more from the root of your account to list all files, including hidden files, showing their size in blocks in column format, appending / to directories, * to executable files, and @ to symbolic links, recursively throughout your directory structure one screen at a time.
  12. You are expected to maintain your data space by deleting temporary files and files you no longer need.
  13. There are no connect time limits set currently. Your connection time to the machines is limited only by your internet service provider.
  14. Except for viewing published pages through a web browser, you may not look at or modify the contents of another student's files or directories, even if the files are world readable or writeable. Reading or modifying another student's homework files is considered cheating and will be dealt with appropriately. (Note: You should not set file perms to world-writeable.)
  15. Other policies may be created during the semester and these policies may be modified during the semester. Necessary security and utilization policies will be set by the department faculty.
  16. Violations of these standards which compromise the integrity or security of this site may result in cancellation of your account privileges. In this case, inability to access the server will not be accepted as an excuse for failure to complete assigned classwork.
  17. You are expected to comply with these policies by virtue of The Honor Code for Undergraduate Students and Academic Standards for Graduate Students.